Basic Cleaning Tips for Ceramic Tile Surfaces

Tile floors are certainly pleasant to look at. However, ceramic tiles aren’t necessarily just for flooring. They are also used in showers, patios, and countertops. They certainly add a classy feel to any home, as they are always pleasing to the eye, no matter what they’re used for. However, keeping ceramic tile surfaces clean is part of the trick to make sure they stay beautiful, and with these surfaces constantly being in use, they are bound to get dirty fairly quickly. The good news is, there are ways which people can follow in order to make sure their ceramic tile surfaces remain sparkling and clean.

Basic Cleaning Tips for Ceramic Tile Surfaces

One of the first things one should do however is to check if the tile surfaces are sealed. Sealing these surfaces make it a bit easier to keep them clean. To determine if a certain tiled surface needs sealing, simply pour some water onto it. If there is discoloration on the surface, then it is a kind of surface that absorbs liquids and thus needs sealing.

For most ceramic tile surfaces, the most basic tandem to use for cleaning them is warm water and a piece of clean cloth. Cleaning tiles with warm water and a piece of cloth daily is one of the many steps one can take to keep their tiles clean. For tiled floors, sweeping or vacuuming the surface before using warm water on the surface is advised and should be done daily. Keep in mind that any dirt particles that are allowed to set on wet tiles can quickly cake in and turn into more of a problem. After sweeping or vacuuming the floor, it would be wise to use a dry cloth or mop to remove the remaining dust particles. After doing so, wiping or mopping the area with warm water should follow. This of course is if the surface isn’t stained and doesn’t require heavy cleaning. After mopping the whole tiled surface, wiping it with a clean, dry cloth or mop would help in keeping it clean for a longer period of time. Wiping the surface with a clean, dry cloth or mop everyday also helps in keeping it clean.

Stains are sometimes hard to keep away from tiled surfaces. For these, warm water sometimes won’t cut it. For this, a stronger cleaning agent is needed. Though many would recommend vinegar, it would be best to stay away from it and other acidic cleaning agents, as these could cause damage to the tiles. An even mixture of scouring powder and warm water to make a cleaning paste is a good cleaning agent that can be used on any tiled surface without damaging it. This paste is to be applied on the stained area, and left to sit for at least 10 minutes, after which, a soft brush can be used to remove the stain. The remaining cleaning paste should then be removed by using warm water and a clean piece of cloth.

Basic Cleaning Tips for Ceramic Tile Surfaces

There are lots of techniques that can really help in keeping ceramic tile surfaces clean for a long period of time. Those mentioned above are just examples of these, though those mentioned above are pretty much the basics when it comes to cleaning tiled surfaces. Practicing them on a regular basis should definitely keep any ceramic tile surface clean and shiny.


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