Common Types of Man-Made Tiles

Try stepping into several different homes and you’ll find different types of flooring. Some homes have tiled floors, some have wooden floors, some have marble floors, and the list goes on and on. While wooden and marble floors are easy to distinguish though, sometimes tile floors can be quite troublesome to identify. Due to the many types of tiles that can be used for flooring, it becomes quite difficult to recognize each and every type, especially for the untrained people.

Common Types of Man-Made Tiles

However, if you’re looking for a type of tile to have installed in your own home, man-made tiles can be a good choice. These are durable flooring materials, though are usually more affordable and easier to use and maintained as compared to natural stone floors. Here are some examples of man-made tiles that you can use for your home floor:

Common Types of Man-Made Tiles
  1. Ceramic tiles – This type of tiles is most commonly made from white or red clay, with a durable glaze on top for its color and design. It is fairly easy to cut and can be cut into odd shapes. This type can be used for walls and floors, though not really ideal for external use as the other side is rather water-absorbent.
  2. Porcelain tiles – This type of tile is impervious, fine grained, dense, and smooth, and has a sharp face. This type is ideal for external use, as it has a lower absorption rate, and can also be used for residential or commercial and industrial purposes due to some porcelain tiles having their design and color throughout their thickness. Glazed and full body porcelain tiles are known to be more resistant to wear and damage as compared to ceramic tiles. This type of tile can be troublesome to cut however due to its being denser than ceramic tiles.
Common Types of Man-Made Tiles

Other types of man-made tiles such as mosaic and glass tiles are also available for you to choose from. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the usual and are the more practical choices however for modern home use. While porcelain tiles may be the clear-cut choice between the two however, take note that ceramic tiles aren’t brittle or fragile in any way, with proper laying out, ceramic tiles should hold their own against wear and tear, just as porcelain tiles could.

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