DIY Tile Cleaning Tips

If you have various tile surfaces in your home, then you are surely in need of tips on how you can keep them from looking aged and downright dirty. Tile surfaces are beautiful to look at and are durable in their own right, but such surfaces are as prone to dirt as any surface is with everyday use. For those who need it though, there are a few DIY cleaning tips that they can use to keep their tiles clean for long without having to have them replaced every once in a while.

DIY Tile Cleaning Tips

One of the most effective methods for cleaning ceramic tile surfaces is to use an electric floor washer or a polish-scrubber, along with a solution of a quarter cup of detergent, 2 tbsp. of washing soda, or a commercial cleaning powder of your choice. Make sure you rinse well after the process though. If further cleaning is needed, mix chlorine bleach with water, leave it on the surface, and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Proceed by wiping or mopping the surface, and rinsing it with warm water. Dry the surface using a clean cloth or mop, and apply wax to make cleaning and maintaining the surface a lot easier. For the grout, a mixture of 3 parts baking soda with 1 part bleach should make for a great DIY grout cleaner. Simply leave the solution for about 10 minutes and brush the grout with an old, used toothbrush and rinse the solution off thoroughly.

Tile surfaces are only truly beautiful if you keep them sparkling clean. Having them cleaned by experts regularly can take quite a toll on your family budget, so learning a few tips to keep them clean yourself is definitely great. These techniques don’t require much spending, and are often adequate to keep your tile surfaces sparkling clean. Just remember to practice caution when dealing with cleaning agents, and you’re sure to have clean tiles without having to have them cleaned so often.

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