DYI Stone Cleaning

Stones are extremely durable and easy to clean if properly installed and, in the case of some stones and unglazed ceramics, regularly sealed. The key to keeping your stones looking their best is to use DYI stone-cleaning technique and a cleaning product that’s designed specifically for the surface. Don’t use all-purpose cleaners. Go to a local retailer that sells the type of tile you have and ask for recommendation. Obviously, the best cleaner for laminate tiles isn’t the best cleaner for carpet or parquet tiles.

DYI Stone Cleaning

But even among traditional tiles, there are a wide range of products. Some are better for stones, some for marble, and others for granite and fieldstone. And keep in mind that no matter how fastidious you are about sealing stone tiles, you need to quickly wipe out spills that get on those surfaces, especially if the liquid is acidic, such as juice, sine, soda, coffee, salad dressing, and marinade. In just seconds, the acid in common food can etch some stones, even if the tiles are sealed.

Avoid multisurface cleaners, which may contain wax, oil, acid, or other ingredients that discolor or disintegrate stone. To clean stone, use dishwashing stone and warm water. If you need something a little stronger, use undiluted white vinegar instead. For bathroom walls and especially showers, where soap scum and lime deposits can build up, use a cleaning product labeled specifically for bathroom materials and preferably one sold by a handyman rather than one found among general cleaning products, as suggested by many.

DYI Stone Cleaning

Many people think that so long as they’re sealed, stone and unglazed ceramics are impervious to heavy-duty cleaners and stains. But experts say that all the sealer does is buying you some time. Instead of soaking into the ceramic tile or porous stone and grout, liquid that will spill over the tile’s surface will provide you with a chance of wiping it away. The faster you have it wiped off, the less chance you’ll wind up with a stain.

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