Types of Sealer Used on Stone

There is a wide range of sealers used on stones, with a majority of them categorized into two major groups: topical and penetrating.

Penetrating Sealer

Penetrating sealers of impregnators or penetrants are thin fluids that penetrate inside stone. It is their aim to block contaminants that enter the stone’s substrate while allowing the interior moisture to be expelled at the same time. They are therefore vapor permeable or breathable.

Impregnators can be water based or solvent based. The solvent or water is a carrier that takes active chemicals within the stone. When the carrier evaporates, active ingredients within the sealer remain within the stone to perform their role.

Types of Sealer Used on Stone

Basically, it is assumed that solvent-based sealers last longer and are more successful. But because of safety regulations and health, it is not always ideal to utilize them within a commercial setting.

Topical Sealers

These sealers are sacrificial, which can either be permanent or strippable. A lot of them were designed for resistant floors but reveal that they’re perfect for stone. Majority of the water-based items are made up of polymers and can be removed easily with the right stripper. The sealer is cheaper than impregnators, although it has flaws. Since the product is softer than stones, repeated application will cause it to show scuff marks easily, and areas with high traffic will start to reveal signs of wearing and tearing.

Types of Sealer Used on Stone

Polyurethane Coatings and Fluoropolymer

Recent products that have been available in the industry include sealers made up of fluorocarbon alphatic resins. Manufacturers of the products usually provide long guarantees, which generally depend on periodical resealing of the stone and maintaining it with cleaning preserves and solutions.

Reference  http://www.silverolas.com/murrieta/murrieta-tile-cleaning-stone-grout-sealing-polishing.html

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